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Teaching Social Work Values and Ethics:
A Curriculum Resource

Elaine P. Congress, Phyllis N. Black, and Kimberly Strom-Gottfried
Publisher:Elaine P. Congress, Phyllis N. Black, and Kimberly Strom-Gottfried
Publication Date:Feb 27, 2009
Number of pages:192 pages
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Congress, Black, and Strom-Gottfried cover the gamut of values and ethics issues affecting social work curricula at the BSW and MSW degree levels, as well as those complying with CSWE’s 2008 Educational Policy and Accreditation Standards. This book’s course outlines, interactive learning techniques, technological resources, and extensive bibliography can be applied to virtually any social work course. Its bibliography also features specialty areas new to social work ethics, such as international and rural social work. Resources included account for potential ethical dilemmas concerning practice, law, philosophy, research, conflict resolution, policy advocacy, and work/life balance. Experiential learning opportunities presented in exercises allow students to witness important ethical concepts first-hand, leaving a lasting impression when they become professionals. Regardless of specialization, this book applies to all students’ career aspirations—particularly those interested in child welfare, gerontology, health care, and school social work.

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