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Disaster Concepts and Issues:
A Guide for Social Work Education and Practice

Edited by David F. Gillespie and Kofi Danso
Publisher:Edited by David F. Gillespie and Kofi Danso
Publication Date:Oct 01, 2010
Number of pages:320 pages
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With the recent well-publicized occurrences of multiple disasters around the world and their unfortunate effects on children, older adults, low-income families, and other at-risk individuals, it has become clear that social work educators, researcher, and practitioners must take leading roles in aiding disaster victims. Traditionally, social workers have helped in response and recovery efforts, but this is often too little, too late. An expanding body of literature demonstrates how much can be done before disaster strikes to reduce and even eliminate some of the negative effects of disaster. This book provides social work scholars and practitioners with an authoritative guide to concepts, emerging issues, and approaches relevant to disaster preparedness, prevention, and service delivery to vulnerable populations and promotes the integration of disaster concepts and issues into social work curriculum and practice.

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