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Teaching Human Rights: Curriculum Resources for Social Work Educators

Edited by M. C. “Terry” Hokenstad, Lynne M. Healy, and Uma A. Segal
Publisher:Edited by M. C. “Terry” Hokenstad, Lynne M. Healy, and Uma A. Segal
Publication Date:Oct 21, 2013
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Teaching Human Rights is designed to help American social work educators develop course modules and content for teaching international human rights. Containing course outlines, case studies, exercises, course assignments, and bibliographies, the book compiles some of the best and most useful information from educational programs currently being taught in the United States. An introductory chapter by Joseph Wronka gives an overview of international human rights documents and organizational implementation. Additional chapters on human rights and the use of the material in the social work curriculum help faculty members either develop courses on human rights or infuse human rights content into their existing course materials. This handbook provides invaluable resources to social work educators for teaching about this highly relevant topic that has sometimes been overlooked in social work education.