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Women and Children First: The Contribution of the Children's Bureau to Social Work Education

Edited by Alice Lieberman & Kristine Nelson
Publisher:Edited by Alice Lieberman & Kristine Nelson
Publication Date:Mar 01, 2013
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This timely book focuses on the long and productive relationship between the Children’s Bureau and the social work community, which has remained a constant since the founding of the Bureau in 1912. Containing a dozen chapters by well-known leaders in the field, the volume traces the interaction of the Bureau with social work education and practice through scope, policy, and leadership changes. The authors document an up-and-down relationship beginning with social worker and reformer Julia Lathrop, the first Children’s Bureau chief one century ago, through the strained relationship that developed during the Reagan administration, to the collaboration over the last 40 years between the Bureau and schools of social work to develop a dynamic training and technical assistance infrastructure throughout the United States.